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Aimé Pestel
Accueil: Bienvenue

Aimé Pestel (He / They) is a trans multi-disciplinary and spiritual artist (drawing, video, audio recordings, energetics and astrology) based in Paris (France). ​​Originally graduated as a psychosociologist and self-taught in the artistic and energetic / esoteric fields (such as astrology, magnetism, numerology and tarology), their work is articulated around the themes that are close to their heart: (trans)identity, non-binarity, disability, spirituality and shadow work, and is particularly aimed at marginalized communities, of which themselves is a part.

Their central subject is Healing as a powerful tool for individual and collective liberation of transgenerational trauma and systemic violence.

The idea is that as long as we perpetuate the belief that individuals have no value, it's easier to dominate and controle them. But if they become aware that they are fundamentaly free to be and to thrive, they can free themselves again.

Healing is power because to heal is to become aware of one's worth.

The greatest power lies not in the mind and the strategies to simply keep oneself alive, but in the spirit and the strength of intuition that pushes us to deploy our greatest abilities far beyond what we perceive of the physical world.

"What I believe since I was a child is that it is through understanding that we evolve the best. The understanding of oneself, of the other, of all the elements that surround us. So I was already a very curious kid. As we heal, we become more aware and therefore more responsible for our thoughts and actions, and their impact on a larger scale. By learning to heal ourselves, we become more self-reliant, we understand how to interact with what is around us. It is therefore an inexhaustible source of learning. We deserve more than to survive, we deserve to live and flourish".

© photo : Jeanne Ménétrier

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